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A strategy is nothing without executionMindmix

Who We Are

We live in times of change

We are foremost a tech company that understands Digital transformation. We have extensive experience across product, tech, UX and programme leadership. This has been gained over 20 years and from high growth tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft as well as rapidly scaling startups, and also established companies such as Conde Nast and News Corp. Commercially aware, technically astute with an understanding of execution and delivery. Get in touch if you seek a different perspective in the ambiguous and fast changing world of today.
We are now based in the Plexal tech hub in Stratfords East Village, come and see us !




Your product and how you approach is critical. We add value in a number of ways:
-Building product frameworks and vision from MVP onwards
- The value and implementation of emerging technology such as Machine Learning & AI when creating your products
-Prioritisation and optimisation criteria and ideas
-Structuring roadmaps and aligning dependencies across multiple roadmaps
-Building highly visible reporting and progress structures to senior executives and board level
-Go to market strategy


With a vast array of technology options and approaches, we can help you or your team:
- Virtual CTO/CPO service - get all the experience and help as you need without a full time commitment
- Analysis of architecture and tech stack approach to delivery and cloud first approach
- Codeless architecture for rapid prototyping and proof of concepts
- Audit and analysis of 3rd party software including contract negotiation
- Patent identification and filing for emerging ideas
- R&D tax advice and other tech grants
- Cyber security reviews and best practice

Digital delivery

Ideas and execution should be a given! We’ll help you get on a delivery cadence and get things done:
- Structuring software development processes for success
- Turn around projects that are failing/not delivering intended value
- Rapid prototyping, Kanban and agile process implementation and coaching
- Optimising visibility and viability of progress of projects and programmes

Agile organisations

Organisations and priorities can change quickly. Scaling combined with rapid execution are challenges that can be overcome:
-Creating tech hiring and onboarding processes including interviewing senior candidates
-Tech and cultural fit for varying levels of software engineers /product and leadership
-Values and coaching workshops for building high performing tech teams
-Presenting agile organisational design that is adaptable and performant

Get in Touch

Get in touch! We'd love to exchange ideas and thoughts on how we can help. Email us at contact@mindmix.io